Worlington, Suffolk

The Worlington HOP® started in October 2013 with just a Thursday evening class, Since then it has grown and grown over the number of days to encompass Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. The number of participants has also grown to the extent that we now have to be looking to move to a bigger venue locally!

The Hour of Power has just exploded in East Anglia region, with 3 Instructors currently running 7 sessions over 6 days under the Hour of Power East Anglia banner and 4 more people booked on the next Instructors’ course which will enable us to reach out to more people with the uniquely brilliant HOP®!

That said, its success has to be down to the participants. The classes are always noisy, always full of energy and always really friendly. Anyone who turns up new and on their own is instantly made feel welcome.

Worlington HOP®
Worlington HOP®

The class of the month has to be dedicated to those who come along and get fitter whilst having fun! We really do love you guys and cannot say how much we love instructing such a great bunch of people with such an awesome fitness programme! Long may it continue!

Upcoming planned events include the Red Lodge and Worlington summer fetes where we will be doing some demonstrations, as well as taking part in the first Health & Wellbeing exhibition in Newmarket town centre on May 17th. We have a lot more in the pipeline!

Watch this space and our Facebook page (Hour of Power East Anglia) for more and on-going information.

Instructor info

Jeff Pyne
Jeff Pyne

I cannot emphasise enough how fantastic HOP® is. It challenges you, pushes you and drives you to a greater all round body fitness, yet in an environment that is safe, friendly, fun and inclusive of people of any age, size, shape or ability.

Try it, but be prepared to get hooked on the HOP®!

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“I have being going to HOP® now for a year and cannot believe the change I have experienced.  I am stronger and fitter than at any time in my life!  Hour of Power really does deliver what it says it would and I recommend anyone, young or old, to give it a go.  Just be prepared to be hooked on the HOP®!”  Nick L

“I love Hour of power.  It has helped me lose weight for my wedding, give me definition in my overall shape and made me fitter than I have ever been.  With dedication and regular attendance, I am now on 6kg in weight. HOP® really is a great way to get fit because you have great fun at the same time!”  Nick S

“I have been attending Hour of Power in East Anglia  for some time now.  One of the great things about it is the friendly atmosphere where nobody judges you, in fact quit the opposite, everyone encourages you, whether you know them or not!  I love it so much I am training to become an instructor myself!” – Jenni W

“We have been going to HOP® for about a year now and we love it!  We love the atmosphere and being part of Hour of Power East Anglia from the start!  The Hour of Power really works, it really does!” Sharron A & Luke R

“No matter if you are tall, short, thin, not so thin, fit, unfit, it really does not matter. HOP® just works no matter who you are, fact.  From the word go, I was hooked and I love it so much, so much so that I am now training to become an instructor myself!” Becki D