Rachel Clark

Location: UK


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I was introduced to The Hour of Power by my sister Katie Clark who had participated in a couple of classes and was extremely enthused about it. I, therefore, decided to go along with her and was hooked from the very first class!

I was very impressed by the Instructors Ian and Julie Howell and the enthusiasm and great atmosphere the class projected. I had not come across such a brilliant class that gave such a fulfilling workout and the music was amazing.

I was inspired by my sister Katie who is an Instructor to go forward and to become an Instructor myself and she together with Julie Howell gave me all the encouragement I needed. Now achieving this goal I hope I can do them proud in becoming a good Instructor.

I’ve been doing this class now for over 3 years and still get such a sense of achievement with every class I take.

Being in my 40’s now I have never felt so full of life and am looking forward with excitement as to my new journey of being a HOP Instructor