Xavier Dolino (1974-2011)

Xavier Dolino
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Location: Italy
Xavier Dolino

Born in France, raised in Italy and later an adopted Irish citizen, Xavier Dolino was one of the Hour of Power and Fitness4x4’s most senior trainers worldwide. Xavier came to Fitness4x4 as an experienced exerciser…but turned that into an absolute dedication to health, fitness and nutrition and physical performance.

This expertise and high-performance earned him a place in the finals of the World Endurance Lifting Championships on more than 3 occasions, and a reputation as an elite instructor of the Hour of Power workout.

Above all, however, he retained a passion for sharing his knowledge of training and health with others…a passion perhaps unrivalled in the Fitness4x4 community.

In June 2011 Xavier was recognised as only the second official Senior Trainer in the Hour of Power method and began work on the development of the Fitness4x4 Personal Trainers Certification Course. After Dragan Radovic himself, Xavier Dolino has been one of the most influential figures in the spread of Fitness4x4 training methodology around the globe, sharing his expertise, passion & elite performance with everyone he encounters.