A brilliant HOP® Workout session

Ivan Isailovic
Ivan Isailovic

Friday’s class is a great class because it is the day for more intense HOP® workout than usual, as Ana likes to say “so we don’t forget her until Monday”.

The energy in the group was great! Today the intensity was added in the abdominal workout. Unfortunately Ana was injured and didn’t train as much, but that didn’t stop her suggesting and instructing and giving us a brilliant workout.

We are all very well in sync so her presence itself and a few corrections were enough for an amazing class!

Ivan Isailovic

(Friday, April 27th 2012)

About Ivan: I’m Ivan Isailovic,20 years old. I’m a student .I’ve been training water polo for 8 years, and then rowing. After that I was looking for good fitness training. In February this year I’ve started HOPping. And I found that it is perfect for me. Since I have a lot of gym experience, and have trained two very difficult and demanding sports, I can safely say that this training combines and compensates all that I used to do. I’m pretty young , and I have the will to devote myself seriously to HOP®, in order to achieve top records, and even to become an instructor. All the praises to our instructor! With your support we look forward to new achievements

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