HOP® on Serbian Health Festival

The Health Festival is organized to raise awareness about health in general and a and healthy life style. It is held twice a year, at the end of March and at the end of September. The General organizers are National Association for development and improvement of regenerative medicine and Aqua Viva, natural mineral water.

The participants are hospitals, private ordinations, wellness centres such as Slodes, Spa centres , pharmaceutical companies. They all gather to teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle so one can learn how to stop smoking, lose weight; expecting mothers can learn more about pregnancy, one can choose a gym or a type of class, every aspect of living a healthy lifestyle are here at The Health Festival.

Each festival has a different theme, in September 2010 (when it all started), the theme was “For the healthy progeny”; in the fall of 2011 it was “Come to sense, think of your health”, March 2012 was “Be healthy in a healthy environment”.

I can proudly say that HOP® has participated as a representative of SC Slodes since March 2011, and as far as critics – all positive – are concerned, will continue to be so in the future.

This year’s presentation of HOP® was held on Saturday, March 31st. You can see some photos from this event below

Ana Pavlovic (HOP® Instructor)

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