Hour of Power – Power in You!

Olga (Tony Sesto Class)

I was the most ordinary middle-aged woman. Stressed, overweight, with aches and pains  here and there. I was the one, who like many others, wanting to be fit and healthy, would sign for the gym or buy a fitness DVD and then would miserably fail to materialize all those good intentions. Still it was OK, just a part of my life.

But everything changed in August last year when I lost my husband to lung cancer. He was 46 – just! My life was rapidly spiralling down into abyss of grief and loneliness.

My friend brought me to HOP® class. This very first class Tony Sesto (our instructor) was talking about Xavier, an extraordinary HOP® enthusiast and dear friend of Rajko and Dragan, who died of leukemia aged 37. I ran out and cried in the corridor for a few minutes- thinking I could never escape cancer! Then I pulled myself together and came back to join the class.

Immediately I was immersed into a very dynamic routine. Not a single second to lose, to think, to talk– just keep moving and pushing my body to the limit. But somehow I felt alive again. I pushed and pressed and lifted and did squats after squats and reps after reps and… sweat, sweat, sweat! Then abs section – that was a killer!

But it felt good. It felt real. It felt hard work and pain in the muscles which I never knew existed! From this very first class I was convinced that this was THE ONE – the ultimate workout for me. My body responded so well. My spirits were lifted up.

Since that time I have never missed a class. Mondays are untouchable. Mondays are for HOP®!  Moreover I have started doing Zumba and spinning. As if HOP® unlocked the power within me to stay determined and focused and to return my body to its natural vibrant health.

Dragan, Rajko, Tony, you are wonderful people, passionate about what you are doing, highly professional, but most of all kind and genuine. Your class is the ultimate, universal workout.

Thank you!


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