I’m really proud of my HOP® Class

After a short enforced break from teaching due to the reoccurrence of a back injury I sustained during my time in the forces, it was good to be back at our Tuesday night class. With 60 people in attendance, including as always, a couple of first timers and my own rehabilitation to consider, I wanted to emphasise the importance of good posture and controlled footwork.

From the moment we took our stance for the first deep breath I encouraged the class to stand tall and I could tell that people were already in the mood and extremely focused. Posture was reinforced again in the upward reach and in the static squat where, for the first 15 seconds, we took a shallow position to help the regulars perfect the movement and to give newcomers time to find their feet with this position.  The atmosphere lifted throughout the squats and having missed two weeks of being fully active in the class I definitely felt the endorphins kick in! I got the class to count the occasional set of 8 squats to keep people mindful of the speed of the movement and also to bring some noise and extra energy to this section.  The squat section certainly seemed to grip the full attention of the new attendees and so we were collectively ready for a ‘pumping’ main section.  The music at the start of this section makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and tonight was no exception.  I kept a close eye on the footwork ensuring everyone knew how to move safely and effectively (we don’t want shin splints!).

By the time we hit the floor section everyone was hot and sweaty; the enthusiasm, tempo and quality of exercise was still at a very high standard. I’m really proud of my class and how they constantly strive to improve and perfect their techniques, the result is a class that is almost as good to watch as it is to lead. It’s great to be back.

Simon Lunn

(Tuesday, April 17th, 2012)

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