My Personal Power Journey

The Hour of Power Class found me and brought me back to life; my personal journey to get stronger emotionally, spiritually and physically began. A year ago I was at my lowest; I lost my sister 3 years earlier through breast cancer and my grief was spiralling out of control resulting in me visiting the hospital more times than I can remember. A few weeks prior to joining the class I was having intense physiotherapy as I was struggling to walk due to cervical spondylosis and chronic arthritis. My mum has had multiple sclerosis for the last 20 years and the reality that I may also lose the power in my legs shook me to the core. At 45 years old I felt devastated, and didn’t have the personal strength to change things round.


I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the class. Master trainer Tony was very welcoming, he made me feel at ease and introduced me to all of his regulars individually, I felt immediately part of the warm and inviting class. The atmosphere in the hall was buzzing with men and women choosing their weights for the workout and were raring to go. I was amazed on how big the class was and felt quite intimidated at first that a man will be our instructor …. my initial thought was OMG what have I let myself in for…. RUN !!! However, I didn’t run …. I stayed … and a year later I can’t stress enough how much this class has changed my life for the better.

The Hour of Power begins with Tony telling us to forget about all our stresses of the day, in our lives and to think of the Hour of Power as a personal journey. For an hour we embark on a dynamic, full body cardio workout, with some tai chi, yoga, pilates and upper body conditioning using weights varying from 1-4kg. The Electro HOP® track CD inspires the class with an adrenalin boost and energy to push through and giving it our personal best. The Hour of Power has had a huge impact on my fitness, my body and my mind; with just once a week training the results are amazing.

The Hour of Power is a truly inspirational amazing workout which has challenged me in ways I couldn’t never have imagined …. A sincere and special thank you for making me feel alive again.

Melissa Adamou

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