Thought it was going to be static and similar to pilates, but I was terribly wrong

Marija Grgur HOP Slodes
Marija Grgur – HOP Slodes

Yesterday I went to Ana Pavlovic‘s HOP® Class for the first time. I had no idea what’s it like. When I first started warming up and when I heard the music I was not thrilled, I thought it was going to be something very static, similar to pilates.

However, it soon appeared that I was terribly wrong! Not only were we jumping all the time but also we were lifting weights without any pause whatsoever, for amount of time which seemed to me as an eternity! I usually work out with 3kg weights, yesterday I took 2kg-s on purpose, just to make sure that I don’t force myself too much, but it didn’t help! My muscles were burning, I thought they were going to explode! Today I have muscle fever. I am very fit so this came as a shock to me.

It is completely different from anything that I’ve ever tried and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes good and hard work out, sweating and challenging himself more and more!

Marija Grgur

Wednesday, May 17th 2012

About Marija: I’m 21 years old student from Belgrade. I’ve been attending fitness classes since 2005, tae bo and cardio kick boxing, to be precise. Currently I’m enrolled to a program on our Faculty of sports and physical education for becoming a fitness trainer.

HOP® Slodes class
HOP® Slodes class

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