We worked hard, but laughed a lot as well

Dee Mear
Dee Mear

The atmosphere within our class tonight was brilliant; we all worked hard but laughed a lot as well. Simon’s passion for the class is evident to see and definitely hear, it’s hard to believe he ran the London Marathon 2 days before! The school hall was packed again with lots of regular faces but also a few new ones too.

My favourite aspect of the evening was the last few minutes of the running section, Simon had us running on the spot and it must have reminded him of the Marathon as he started telling us that we were running passed Big Ben, Tower Bridge and then on to the finish line, it was so funny and amazing to think that this is all possible (with a little imagination) from Avishayes School.

Dee Mear

(Tuesday, April 24th 2012)

About Dee: “I started The Hour of Power 8 months ago and haven’t looked back since. The results have been fantastic; not only losing weight and the huge improvement to my fitness levels but also the dramatic change to my body shape. I have found it difficult sticking to exercise classes in the past but The Hour of Power is addictive and totally enjoyable and I can’t recommend this class highly enough.”

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