Cork City

Carrie Skinner and Lucy Smart

I didn’t know what to expect from my first HOP® class, I found it daunting starting a new class but I love it! A few thoughts entered my head for example what if I’m not fit enough for that class. All those thoughts went clean out the window as soon as it started. You start on weights that are comfortable for you, get the routine and once you are happy to move up on weights. I started on 1.5 kg and now I am on 2 kg but I am doing this comfortably, time for a change I think. You…

Most original and enjoyable exercise class

Carrie Skinner and Marcy Fenton

“What a class, you leave knowing you have worked really hard, and feeling awesome. And at last I have arms that look good in tight fitting tops. I leave every class looking forward to the next one.” Mercy Fenton “Hour of Power is exactly what I look for in a work out. It is the perfect combination of cardio and strength training which leaves me sweaty, energised and looking forward to the next class. I love that my workout is not dependent on others and I can challenge myself by increasing weights. With hour of power you get the best…

Perfect combination of cardio and strength training