HOP® Brackley (Oxfordshire)

Henni Hingston

Last April I decided I wanted to make lifestyle changes to be fitter and change my diet. My self esteem had been low after going through the body changes of having my son. I had tried slimming world and some workout DVDs and had the motivation to get off the couch but I wanted something more and I always work better in a team. That’s when I decided I needed a fitness class. I started HOP® last summer. I love how the class challenges me every time by going up in weights and having the self belief from my trainer, Michelle and our encouraging…

Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class

Craig Wilson

As someone who hated gyms and has tried every exercise fad going, the only thing I have ever stuck with is Hour of Power® with Michelle knight. I’ve been attending classes for almost a year now and still get a good workout and a buzz from it. My strength and stamina has increased and as it has so the weights I lift have increased hence ensuring that I am still pushing myself to my own limits. The class is really welcoming. All ages and fitness levels are represented and you never feel judged. Everyone works to their own limits but…

Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class (2)