Brackley, Oxfordshire

Instructor: Michelle Knight

HOP Brackley Oxfordshire
Michelle Knight (under the banner of Performance PT Oxfordshire) offers some of the most exciting and dynamic HOP® classes you will find in the entire country. Leading the way with her own impressive physical fitness and tremendous passion for teaching, Michelle’s classes in and around the town of Brackley (Northamptonshire) are becoming hugely popular, both in the Active4Less gym where she offers classes for members and in newly launched Independent Classes in Brackley and Croughton open to the general public on a PayAsYouGo basis.

Michelle became a HOP® Franchisee in early 2015 following a year of ever-increasing HOP® class popularity within her club classes. Now she and her fellow PPT HOP® Instructor Tally Keith are looking to take HOP® to a higher level in the surrounding area and beyond. They are a dynamic duo and highly committed to their students, making class atmosphere, participant results and the HOP® community around them, second to none.

Contact Michelle or Tally directly if you are interested in finding out more about class availability, PT sessions or booking yourself at their next HOP® class.

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Participant BLOGS

Henni Hingston Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class - Last April I decided I wanted to make lifestyle changes to be fitter and change my diet. My self esteem had been low after going through the body changes of having my son. I had tried slimming world and some workout DVDs and had the motivation to get off the couch but I wanted something more and […]
Craig Wilson Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class (2) - As someone who hated gyms and has tried every exercise fad going, the only thing I have ever stuck with is Hour of Power® with Michelle knight. I’ve been attending classes for almost a year now and still get a good workout and a buzz from it. My strength and stamina has increased and as […]