Hoylake (Wirral, UK)

Gill Garner - HOP® Instructor
Gill Garner – HOP® Instructor

I have been in the Fitness world since I was in my teens. My main passion then was ballet, which I would have loved to have pursued professionally. Due to scoliosis I was unable to make ballet my career and through a lucky sequence of events when I was seventeen , instructing fitness came into my life and compensated for not being able to dance. Now I am dedicated to my teaching and find it so fulfilling and rewarding, I love my work.

I have been teaching the Hour of Power for over twelve months now and it has been my vision to launch the classes in a non member environment to reach more people in the Wirral area. I am very passionate about the amazing benefits and results of the class.

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I launched four new classes in The Parade in the heart of Hoylake, right next to the beach in September. It is a wonderful location and when the weather permits I am sure we will have a few Hours of Power on the beach. The Parade has a marvellous energy with a community of well being and fitness on the timetable throughout the week.

“The Parade”, Hoylake

Although I am at the beginning of the journey with Hoylake and just completed the third week, the following is growing dramatically as word of mouth spreads, the classes are already very well attended by all ages, men and women and all fitness abilities. The word is spreading quickly as a new class has arrived and is here to stay. I am very excited about introducing the class to so many new people who are already feeling the benefits mentally and physically.

In my 25 years of teaching I have never come across a class that really gives results for the mind and body, it is achievable for everyone and so enjoyable and rewarding. The class has incredibly strong focus and high energy all the way through.

I always have the Hour of Power close to my heart, I teach the class with conviction because I know it works and is my best friend and discipline for life.

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